AWAKENING 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras Crystal Gemstone Infused Quantum Tie Dye Shirt

AWAKENING 3rd Eye & Crown Quantum Tie Dye T Shirt. Dye infused with Charoite, Moldavite, Elestial Quartz, Apophyllite, and 99.9% quartz crystal sand from Siesta Key, FL

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AWAKENING 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras 2XL

PLEASE NOTE: This is a sample shirt. One will be immediately made for you very similar to this.


Materials: 100% Cotton Ladies fitted shirt, Procion Reactive Dye infused with 99.9% Siesta Key Quartz Crystal Sand, LOVE & POSITIVE ENERGY, prewashed with Synthrapol and soaked for 30 minutes in Soda Ash before dying. Shirts are rewashed in synthrapol after dying. In this process, I add a white t shirt to the wash to ensure there is no dye leftover on these shirts. As always, wash with like colors.

These particular Quantum Crystal & Gemstones AWAKENING 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras shirts have additional crystals added into the dye (Indigo Blue 3rd Eye Chakra [Charoite, Moldavite] and Crown Chakra [Elestial Quartz, Apophyllite]), along with the 99.9% quartz crystal Siesta key sand which SUPERCHARGES the crystals and gemstones!

You can watch this process below:

Here is what Crystal and Gemstone Adrienne Goff says about the stones that I used in these shirts:

Spiritualist Rosie Neal says:

“I personally think you just stumbled on a very Sacred Gift for anyone that wants to receive the energies. The shirt you wore to my home last Friday emitted a very Powerful frequency. It was your own Signature Resonance Frequency. This takes it all to another level because of your level of Awareness, Heart based Expansion. Adding Crystals just is a game changer & it opens a entire new paradigm. This allows for absorption of a higher level of Conscious Expression. “Game Changer” on the Quantum level.”

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