Vibrant, quality shirt!

Dear Gregg, it is so nice to find real hand tie-dyed shirts! It is of quality construction, with soft substantial knit. Above all the special crystal dyes and hand-crafting make the shirt emanate the love it was made with! The pattern is beautiful! Your hand-written note was a special touch! I will be ordering more, thank you!!!

Shirt #2 Love love love it!

Thank u again Gregg!
I absolutely love shirt #2! fits perfectly, it’s so lightweight and the colors are exactly what I love! And I agree w someone in other testimonial- the energy is so lovely it’s like receiving a hug each wearing!! Ty ty! Blessings!

Love it so much!!!

Thank you very much for my awesome t-shirt Gregg Prescott! Just arrived via my daughter Mafalda Baía
Love it so much!!!
Sending you infinite love and light 🙏

Twin flames in Tie dye

I just bought a shirt for my twin flame on his birthday and then after I received it I saw how awesome it was so I had to get one for myself!
We both love our high vibe quantum tie dye t-shirts and will definitely be getting more in the future. Thank you so much!!!

i want them all!

This shirt feels so good!
It just has got the OHM energy..
As you can read i just have no words for this peace of art.
BUYERS BEWARE:Buy one and i swear u cannot stop yourself from buying more!
thank you Gregg for the warmth i can feel through this shirt, please never stop doing the good work
Namasté @-}}-}

Love my shirt

So very cool, love the design, sleeping in it tonight💓

I love my in5D shirts!

I love my in5D shirts! This is my third order, they lift my energy immediately 😁🙏

Your shirts are amazing! You can feel the energy when you touch them!

Hey Gregg! I got one of your 3rd eye tie dyed shirts. The first day I wore it and that night I had a dream and you were there. We were talking and you put your hand on my back and said something and a ligament that started with an F. I can’t remember the exact word. But when your hand was on my back I felt all this energy run through my body. It was amazing! I just found out I have scoliosis and degenerative disk disease and arthritis in my back. Also I don’t normally remember my dreams so this dream was very significant! Your shirts are amazing! Not only are they beautiful but you can feel the energy when you touch them! I plan on getting another one! Thank you!