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NEW! Peach Passion Quantum Tie Dye Shirts

NEW! Peach Passion Quantum Tie Dye Shirts

NEW! Peach Passion Quantum Tie Dye Shirts, ALL Sizes! PLEASE NOTE: U.S. Shipping charges have been fixed to show the correct rates IN YOUR CART <3 These and many more here:

4 thoughts on “NEW! Peach Passion Quantum Tie Dye Shirts

  1. The link in the Peach Passion shirt Facebook post opens on page 2 of 28 (331 results), where that particular shirt does not appear, leaving one to have to search through potentially all those pages to find it. What kind of marketing is that? I’m not going to bother.

    I’m not actually interested in those colors; I clicked because I am always on the lookout for tie-dye shirts that I would like. Most of them are made up of multiple colors and do not appeal to me, and I would love to find a source of monochromatic ones in specific colors, but I couldn’t even do that on your site. When I tried to narrow the list by putting a color in the search box, it turns up only “Nothing Found.”

    1. Hi Amy, When I post the Facebook links, the link shows the most recent uploads to In5D Quantum Tie Dye. If the ad is several days old, it may be a couple pages back. Sorry for any confusion!

  2. Hi Greg, I bought 2 of your tie dyed shirts about a week ago and was wondering how long it takes to recieve them. Thank you Robin from Ohio

    1. Hi Robin! Your tracking number says it was delivered today. USPS picked it up on the 4th as I had it out immediately after you ordered it as I do with all sales.

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