5 shirts so far.. and counting ;)

As i was saying, i want them all!Im am so happy that the shipping costs to the netherlands are now affordable! i’ve been wanting them for years. And now, as you can see, here we are 😉
i wear them every day (and sometimes nights)
and every shirt i wear, i feel THIS is my favourite one..(i have 5 of them now)
well i guess they all are ! 😉
beacon of light was the one i thought i really needed.. but they all feel so good.(give strength, warmth, awakenings, changes, and LOVE)
I still do not have the right words.. but i know you know . The shirts also clean my pineal gland, wear them when i am meditating..(so many visuals!)
i wanted to send you my love and appreciation for everything you do.
I hope you recover soon and well..
so you can have a great wedding with Ally (you are such a beautiful couple)
love and manna, C (shivaaya)

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