Love the colors and the energy

Today I got my t-shirt in Germany. I want to be honest – I ordered it because of the colors and the batik technique. But I had my doubts about the energies in it. When I unpacked it I immediately felt the positive energies and I immediately put it on. It feels very good.🌸

I Love it! Fits Good.

I Love it! Fits Good. Feels Great! Easy to order. Fast service. High Vibes! Thanks Gregg 💚

Incredible Energies!

Hi Gregg!
Love this shirt!!💖 I have a picture where you can see the great blue, and burst of yellow color! However I went with this second picture instead, because you can see the great energies of the sun reflecting across the shirt – WOW!I I chose to wear it today – the autumnal equinox. Near my home there is a great spiritual labyrinth pathway/walk! The energies running through me are off the charts incredible!! ✨

Oh Yeahh!!

Hi all…. I just found my new 5D Earth shirt in my mailbox today and the colors are so stunning! I automatically saw the words in my head: energy, frequency and vibration upon looking at the pattern. Once again I am impressesed and happy with my purchase! Take care … Namaste!

I Love It!

Received my tie dyed tee shirt yesterday & I Love It 🥰. It looks better than the picture could convey. I feel like I’m wearing an original work of art & it’s also special becuz Gregg created it himself! I have ordered another & Gregg also does special request colors. ❣️🥰❣️

The T-shirt is a must have

Hi Gregg,
The T-shirt is a must have, it is not only Beautiful but Very Calming too when I’m wearing it my mood seems to pick up? As of late I have been feeling very Discombobulated ? With All the Energies that are Swirling around right now Please excuse the spelling 🤔 ..
Anyways the colours are so vibrant and you can see so many different pictures in them .
So thank you Gregg you have a Beautiful Gift there ❣
Infinite Love & Beautiful light


Walking around with a smile!

Satisfied Customer!

Hi Gregg! I’m loving it and I’ve been walking around with a smile the whole time! I have to say also that the handwritten thank you note on your business card was a really cool personal touch! My coworkers couldn’t compliment it enough and of course I pointed them out to your site! I am definitely getting myself a couple (or a few) more in the near future 😀 Take great care


Highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting one!

Another Happy In5D Tie Dye Customer - Looking Amazing, Carol!

Thank you for creating these beautiful tie dye t-shirts. The colors are amazing and this particular one has a very joyful energy to it. Love the yellow accents! When I first had I had my aura photographed a year ago, my aura had a lot of yellows, pinks and greens in it. Now it has whites, purples, lavenders and turquoise in it. This shirt has all these colors in it. Perfectly named “Ascension”. Keep up this artistry! I’m looking forward to seeing what new creations you come up with. Highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting one! Go ahead & do it! 😀✨🌈🙏🏻💜


You’re on to something here!

Thank you for creating these beautiful high vibrational tie dye shirts that are truly works of art. I ordered the “Angelic Clouds” with the pinks and blues. I slept in it last night and it was so comfortable. I also had some amazing cosmic dreams. I believe your loving energy is infused in the dye and the art. I love it! Looking forward to maybe a blanket or wall hanging. That would be super cool too! Keep it up. You’re on to something here! Love & Light! cjangeleyes