Your shirts are amazing! You can feel the energy when you touch them!

Hey Gregg! I got one of your 3rd eye tie dyed shirts. The first day I wore it and that night I had a dream and you were there. We were talking and you put your hand on my back and said something and a ligament that started with an F. I can’t remember the exact word. But when your hand was on my back I felt all this energy run through my body. It was amazing! I just found out I have scoliosis and degenerative disk disease and arthritis in my back. Also I don’t normally remember my dreams so this dream was very significant! Your shirts are amazing! Not only are they beautiful but you can feel the energy when you touch them! I plan on getting another one! Thank you!


Love is always the answer

Gregg not only induces love with the pure ingredients used to make these shirts, he promotes a website to assist others in all their positive endeavors . He works with all the chakras which helps to add balance . He locks In the purity with the magic touch of pure Siesta Key Beach sand . Thank you Gregg for your divine services to ALL! 💙


So far I have bought 3 shirts and I NEED MORE!!! I require at least 7 🙂 These shirts are so beautiful and have such amazing energy.

Beautiful Vibes!

I received my T-shirt today and immediately put it on. I literally got chills! The high frequency of these shirts are incredible. Gregg puts a gifted touch in with the love he adds. High vibrational powerful energy! Thank you and will be ordering more.

We love them!!!!

one, out of two of your awesome tie-dye shirts.
Someone keeps stealing them from me. Lol
She’s got good taste.
Gonna grab one more for Mom.
We love them!!!!

Incredible vivid dreams!

I love my shirt and wear it to bed every night. Incredible vivid dreams and a sense of safety and comforting love in it!

Happy old Hippie

I’ve been wearing Tie Dye’s since the sixties and have never had one I loved so much. I work with crystals and am sensitive to energy and love how this shirt feels. I’m going to order a few more in large to sleep in, I bet the dreams will be enhanced. Thank you.