High quality product!

I wear both my shirts all the time.. they’re pretty & ultra comfortable! Today when I came out of trader Joe’s, this lovely woman stopped me in the parking lot to compliment my shirt! Your shirts bring joy to everyone!
Looking forward to my 3rd purchase!
Great work & many thanks again!

Infused with the energy of the beach!

The tshirt I bought was angelic with its pattern and I love it so much. its giving me a calm loving feeling beeing infused with the energy of the beach. I wish I live at the beach some day for now that tshirt gives me the good feels and the fabric is really wonderful. Love you Greg, keep going <3

Vibrant, quality shirt!

Dear Gregg, it is so nice to find real hand tie-dyed shirts! It is of quality construction, with soft substantial knit. Above all the special crystal dyes and hand-crafting make the shirt emanate the love it was made with! The pattern is beautiful! Your hand-written note was a special touch! I will be ordering more, thank you!!!

Shirt #2 Love love love it!

Thank u again Gregg!
I absolutely love shirt #2! ..it fits perfectly, it’s so lightweight and the colors are exactly what I love! And I agree w someone in other testimonial- the energy is so lovely it’s like receiving a hug each wearing!! Ty ty! Blessings!

Love it so much!!!

Thank you very much for my awesome t-shirt Gregg Prescott! Just arrived via my daughter Mafalda Baía
Love it so much!!!
Sending you infinite love and light 🙏

Twin flames in Tie dye

I just bought a shirt for my twin flame on his birthday and then after I received it I saw how awesome it was so I had to get one for myself!
We both love our high vibe quantum tie dye t-shirts and will definitely be getting more in the future. Thank you so much!!!

i want them all!

This shirt feels so good!
It just has got the OHM energy..
As you can read i just have no words for this peace of art.
BUYERS BEWARE:Buy one and i swear u cannot stop yourself from buying more!
thank you Gregg for the warmth i can feel through this shirt, please never stop doing the good work
Namasté @-}}-}

Love my shirt

So very cool, love the design, sleeping in it tonight💓

I love my in5D shirts!

I love my in5D shirts! This is my third order, they lift my energy immediately 😁🙏

Love Gregg