Beautiful T-shirts!

Amazing vivid colors and soft comfortable t-shirts! Totally love these and so do my friends… great item for gift giving at any occasion… highly recommended!

Beautiful vivid colors!

The material is so soft and blue colors are truly vivid! Great idea for gifts to any occasion! Thank you Gregg for offering these beautiful, high vibrational t-shirts!

Love all my shirts they

Love all my shirts they all have really good energy and are very powerful to look at. I like to sleep in my crown chakra ones for dream enhancement 😊🤘

My favorite so far!

I just received my nebula quantum T-shirt and the energy and it is so amazing! I’m a Reiki Master and I can feel his energy is so strong and all the love that was put into them! I live it! Thank you Gregg 🙏🏻 Love and light!

Phenomenal Energy!!

I’ve ordered three of these and I could feel the energy right out of the package! I sleep in my blue 3rd eye tee and my dreams are amazing. Thank you Gregg for all the phenomenal energy you put into these tees. I love what you do! Thank you helping me on my spiritual journey!

5 shirts so far.. and counting ;)

As i was saying, i want them all!Im am so happy that the shipping costs to the netherlands are now affordable! i’ve been wanting them for years. And now, as you can see, here we are 😉
i wear them every day (and sometimes nights)
and every shirt i wear, i feel THIS is my favourite one..(i have 5 of them now)
well i guess they all are ! 😉
beacon of light was the one i thought i really needed.. but they all feel so good.(give strength, warmth, awakenings, changes, and LOVE)
I still do not have the right words.. but i know you know . The shirts also clean my pineal gland, wear them when i am meditating..(so many visuals!)
i wanted to send you my love and appreciation for everything you do.
I hope you recover soon and well..
so you can have a great wedding with Ally (you are such a beautiful couple)
love and manna, C (shivaaya)

Love It.

Absolutely Love my new arrival today. Beautiful. Love prayers & healing energy sent your way wonderful Gregg


The colors don’t lie. They sing out with joy, filling the air with creative harmonies. This tee shirt is awesome…and soft – even my son who screen prints tees daily commented in it. Thanks, Gregg, for this masterpiece.