Love it

I have 3 shirts from In5D, and I love them all. The are so unique and I really love throwing them on with a pair of jeans. I get so many compliments on them wherever I go, people admire their beauty. I’m actually ordering 3 more. I feel like these fit my personality so well, full of love and light and balancing my chakras and these remind me of that each time I wear them. Thanks for your creativity!

Love the colors!

Upon unwrapping my T, I felt the crystal sands and it brought me back home! Love the colors and the feel of the T and have placed another order for myself and husband. Thanks, Gregg, for a special, unique product I’m going to treasure.


Somebody stop me…I can’t stop buying Gregg’s BEAUTIFUL shirts!!!
I go by my nail polish & my pendulum for which beautiful shirt to wear…I Love them all.
Thank you so much!
Love & Light

Awesome Tie Dye T-Shirts

Thank You Gregg for the beautiful Tie Dye T-Shirts.
I will be buying more, for sure! Loved the crystals, beach sand & especially the love & intention, infused in each one! If I get down your way, I’ll see you on the beach for sure! Sending Love &. Light to you & Ally.


I can’t wait!

I just ordered and I’m so super stoked to wear and feel them good vibes 🥰😍 the ordering process was SUPER easy and fast, the process to order didn’t even take signing up for anything like creating an account or signing up for news letters even though I’d love those too it always adds to the process of placing an order but not with this site, not hidden extras and cheap shipping! Thank you so much guys, stay blessed💙

I can truly feel the energy shift when I put them on!

This is only one of at least 7 I am purchasing. I love these shirts. I can truly feel the energy shift when I put them on.  My dreams became more vivid and more prominent, meaning I remembered them for longer after I awoke. My energy has shifted in that much time; a week. I love that I get a little bit of the crystal sand beach in every package. I sprinkle it in my plants, my bowls of crystals and even under my bed. (There’s not that much).
I am ordering more so I can wear them every day, according to what I need. Comfy feel as well as durability, on top of the spiritual gusto in every one I’ve worn so far. I can hardly wait for more!

Thank you Gregg, for your deep loving heart and your sharing with the world. Bless you!!

Much Love and Light~ Marejo Johnson