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Satisfied In5D Tie Dye Customer!

Satisfied Customer!

I was contacted by one of our In5D followers, Carlos, who stated the following:

Hi Gregg! I’m loving it and I’ve been walking around with a smile the whole time! I have to say also that the handwritten thank you note on your business card was a really cool personal touch! My coworkers couldn’t compliment it enough and of course I pointed them out to your site! I am definitely getting myself a couple (or a few) more in the near future 😀 Take great care

Satisfied Customer!

Carlos is wearing our spiral tie dye shirts!

To all those who have bought our shirts, feel free to send in a picture of you wearing it!


1 thought on “Satisfied In5D Tie Dye Customer!

  1. Gregg,
    Thank you for creating these beautiful high vibrational tie dye shirts that are truly works of art. I ordered the “Angelic Clouds” with the pinks and blues. I slept in it last night and it was so comfortable. I also had some amazing cosmic dreams. I believe your loving energy is infused in the dye and the art. I love it! Looking forward to maybe a blanket or wall hanging. That would be super cool too! Keep it up. You’re on to something here! Love & Light! cjangeleyes

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