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Buying Just Got Easier And Less Expensive!!!

Buying Just Got Easier And Less Expensive!!!

Ordering an In5D Quantum Tie Dye Shirt just got easier and less expensive!  We are now accepting credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal as forms of payment!

Also, I resolved a glitch that overcharged on international sales, so now, shipping internationally is at its lowest possible amount!

Here in the United States, shipping usually costs anywhere between $3-4. The United States Post Office sets the rates for International Shipping, so those prices are fixed at whatever they are in your shopping cart, but because I print the shipping from home, it costs everyone less for shipping than it would if I brought each package to the post office.

Thank you for your purchases and support!

Sending you all infinite love and light,


2 thoughts on “Buying Just Got Easier And Less Expensive!!!

  1. I asked this on an August 9 Facebook post and got no response, so I’ll try again:

    Your shop offers 28 pages of shirts (331 results), with apparently no way to narrow it down, leaving one to have to search through potentially all those pages to find something specific. What kind of marketing is that? I’m not going to bother.

    I am always on the lookout for tie-dye shirts that I would like. Most of them are made up of multiple colors and do not appeal to me, and I would love to find a source of monochromatic ones in specific colors, which I see in your posts here (Orange!), but I couldn’t shop for them on your site. When I tried to narrow the list by putting a color in the search box, it turns up only “Nothing Found.”

    1. Make that “which I see in your posts on Facebook.” I posted this there as well and neglected to edit for the different venue.


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