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New Tie Dye Shirts August 13, 2019

Cosmic Clouds Tie Dye Size S

Check out these and many more in our In5D Tie Dye Shop!

Spiritualist Rosie Neal says:

“I personally think you just stumbled on a very Sacred Gift for anyone that wants to receive the energies. The shirt you wore to my home last Friday emitted a very Powerful frequency. It was your own Signature Resonance Frequency. This takes it all to another level because of your level of Awareness, Heart based Expansion. Adding Crystals just is a game changer & it opens a entire new paradigm. This allows for absorption of a higher level of Conscious Expression. “Game Changer” on the Quantum level.”

Materials: 100% Cotton shirt, Procion Reactive Dye infused with 99.9% Siesta Key Quartz Crystal Sand, LOVE & POSITIVE ENERGY, prewashed with Synthrapol and soaked for 30 minutes in Soda Ash before dying. Shirts are rewashed in synthrapol after dying. In this process, I add a white t shirt to the wash to ensure there is no dye leftover on these shirts. As always, wash with like colors.

We now ship all over the world!

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NEW Tie Die Shirts! 8/8

I tie dye just about every day, it’s fun!  I have some new tie dye shirts made with unique folds that came out fantastic!  Check the store every day as the store will be the first place to show the new shirts.

Items in the above pic may have already been sold.  New items are being added every day! Check for availability and sizes.

Shipping is now available anywhere in the world!

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Welcome To In5D Tie Dye

As of August 4, 2019, ALL shirts will be made with Procion dye infused with 99.9% quartz crystal sand from Siesta Key, FL and tons of love.  All shirts are prewashed with Synthrapol and soaked for 30 minutes in Soda Ash before dying, then rewashed with Synthrapol and dried to set the dye.

Needless to say, when washing, be sure to wash with like colors!

To check out what’s available, simply click the “Shop” link or click here.

Check back often as I’ll be making lots of new items in various sizes!